Career Mittar also provides an employment service located in Jalandhar dedicated to providing you with the perfect job or the perfect candidate needed for your business. Hiring the right candidate, or proving that you are the right candidate, can be difficult, but we are here to make it easier for employees and businesses alike. We offer the latest jobs and vacancies, recruitment and training, assessment services, personnel selection. 



  • Refer to an individual or an unemployed person who is act of looking for employment. or
  • is trying to get a job or
  • discontent with a current position or
  • a desire for a better position or
  • Has submitted an application to the employer.

Job seekers are those who seek actively searching for a job. An active job seeker is motivated to find a new job and actively searcher for job opportunities. And passive job seekers are individual who are currently employed and willing to learn about new career opportunities.


  • A job service / provider

    • is an individual or organisation that hires a person or company to carry out work on their behalf.
    • Is a person who provide job as per job or company requirement.
    • The hiring arrangement is normally for a specific time period and for a particular amount of work.

    While the hired person, or company, takes on accountability for the tasks and obligations from the job provider, these tasks and obligations still remain the ultimate responsibility of the job provider.

    The main motive of service provider is – provide the right job to a right person at a right time and at a right place.



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