M.A. Political Science

About M.A. Political Science

Master of Arts in Political Science or M.A Pol. Science is a two-year postgraduate programme which is a thorough and comprehensive study of Political Science at an advanced level. At the postgraduate level study of the discipline, the students study the analysis and description of political behaviour& political system, practise of politics and theory. 

Other than covering the International and National political system, the programme also covers public affairs, international relations, government procedures & policies, public administration, modern and historical political systems. 

M.A. Political Science Eligibility Criteria

M.A Political Science aspirants must have completed their undergraduate studies in Political Science from a recognised University with a minimum of 50% marks in all the three years combined to be eligible for M.A Political Science admission.

M.A Political Science Admission Process

Various Universities conduct an entrance examination to shortlist the most suitable candidates for admission into their M.A Political Science programme. Some other universities or institutes offer direct admission into their M.A Political Science programme. 

Those universities or institutes conducting entrance exam for M.A Political Science admission combine the entrance exam scores and qualifying degree scores for the process of final admission into the programme. 

M.A. Political Science Syllabus



Semester – I

·         Ancient Indian Political Thought

·         Research Methodology

·         Contemporary Political Thought

·         Western Political Thought (Plato to Hegel)

·         Practicals

Semester – II

·         Indian Constitutional System

·         Comparative Politics

·         Political Thinking since Marx

·         Political Sociology

·         Practicals

Semester – III

·         Modern Indian Political Thought

·         Politics in India

·         International Politics

·         Public Administration

·         Practicals

Semester – IV

·         Indian Administration

·         State Politics with Special Reference to U.P

·         Post-Cold War International Relations

·         Concept and Issue in Political Science

M.A. Political Science Career Options and Job Prospects

With a postgraduate degree in Political Science, the students can opt for either of the following job profiles which are usually offered –

  • State Legislator
  • Political Commentator
  • Lobbyist
  • Political Scientist
  • Legislative Coordinator
  • Corporate Public Affairs Advisor
  • Legislative Analyst
  • Public Opinion Analyst
  • Budget Analyst