M.A. in Psychology

Psychology falls in the category of the most opted for specialisations in the degree of Master of Arts (MA). Master of Arts in Psychology is a postgraduate course which is completed in two years, spread across four semesters. The programme is dedicated to psychology and students enrolled in the course study about human behaviour and human psychology. MA in Psychology provides a comprehensive as well as a thorough study of psychology as a discipline. The areas covered in the course of MA in Psychology are crisis management, motivation and nature of mind, mental processes, conflict resolution, reactions, groupthink, feelings, etc. The objective of MA Psychology is to train students so that they are capable of identifying emotional, psychological, and behavioural issues as well as specific disorders.

MA Psychology is offered by many universities and institutes all over the country. Students are provided with a deep knowledge of human psychology, its behaviour and how people interact with each other and their ecosystem. As a course, MA in Psychology offers an insight into the deeper and advanced aspects of psychology as a field while also helping the students to understand the professional aspects of it. An MA degree in any specialisation indicates a stronger focus on liberal arts focus and students who have an MA degree are given preference when it comes to employment.

During the course of MA in Psychology, students are also given an option of writing a thesis. There are colleges and universities which offer the course through distance education as well. Throughout the course, students are taught about the various therapies and counselling strategies which can be used for helping their patients and clients who seek counselling and psychological assistance with their lives and illnesses. Many subjects of study pertaining to Psychology are covered in the course and students have to choose their specialisation as per their interest and future plans. Psychology is a vast field, hence its study can be classified into many categories. Some of the most common categories of psychology are Clinical Psychology, General Psychology, Social Psychology, Health Psychology, Counselling Psychology, and Industrial Psychology.

M.A. in Psychology Career Options and Job Prospects

Nowadays, the demand for professional psychology is rising constantly in several sectors. With people finally being able to talk about their mental health issues, the need for professionals in the field of psychology is becoming quite important. Many schools and colleges have counsellors or psychologists so that the students can always reach out in case they have any problems related to their mental health. Trained people with an in-depth knowledge of psychology are recruited at welfare organisations, community mental health centres, colleges, hospitals, clinics, etc. Some of the major job profiles at which postgraduates with an MA in Psychology get to work are given below.

  • Counsellor
  • Teacher
  • Psychologist
  • Doctor
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Therapist
  • Career Advisor
  • Community Relations Officer
  • Social Worker