B.A. Sociology

About B.A. Sociology

B.A or Bachelor of Arts in Sociology is a three-year undergraduate degree programme which teaches about social interaction, culture, social stratification, social relations etc. In B.A. Sociology, the students vividly go through the study of society. Some of its specialized fields which are covered in Sociology are Demography, Community, Crime & Delinquency, Collective Behavior, Cultural Sociology, Comparative Sociology and Applied Sociology. 

B.A. Sociology Eligibility Criteria

  • A. Sociology applicants must have passed their 10+2 exam from any recognised Board and stream
  • Applicants must have a cumulative aggregate of 50% at the qualifying level examination

B.A Sociology Admission Process

Admission into the B.A Sociology course in top Universities in India is usually done on the basis of merit of the applicants. A few institutions might conduct an entrance examination for admissions into the undergraduate Sociology programme but in most cases, it is the merit of the candidates at the qualifying level which determines their suitability for B.A Sociology admissions.

BA Sociology Syllabus

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology includes a number of compulsory subjects. Along with that, the students will also have to choose from a number of elective subjects. The elective subjects may differ from college to college.

The subjects of study in the BA Sociology course curriculum are tabulated below:

Module 1: Introducing SociologyModule 9: Social Institutions II
Module 2: Introducing IndiaModule 10: Social Theory II
Module 3: Classical Sociological Thinkers IModule 11: Research Method I
Module 4: Social Interaction and Social RelationshipsModule 12: Social Stratification
Module 5: Classical Sociological Thinkers IIModule 13: Research Method II
Module 6: Body, Culture and Cultural ContestationsModule 14: Social Challenges and Movements
Module 7: Social Institutions IModule 15: Change, Development, Globalization
Module 8: Social Theory IModule 16: Dissertation

BA Sociology: Elective Subjects

Some of the important elective papers include: 

Sociology of DevelopmentSociology of Indian Society
Principles of SociologySocial Psychology
Economic SociologyPolitical Sociology
Sociology of EducationSociology of Mass Communication
Social AnthropologyLife Skill Education
Women StudiesSociology of Mass Media

BA Sociology: Job Prospects and Career Options

Here, we have listed some of the most popular job profiles for the BA Sociology students along with the respective job descriptions.

Job Profile Job Description Annual Average Salary
Social WorkerA social worker looks after the various needs of people and their families. They work for the best interest of human beings and aim to bring about social reforms.INR 2.5 to 7.24 LPA
Counselor A counselor invades the mind of an individual and explores his/her feelings and emotions. He/She provides necessary guidelines to their patients which will help them to lead a better life.INR 2.94 to 7 LPA
JournalistA journalist writes and proof-reads articles that are then published in newspapers, magazines, and journals. They are meant to catch the attention of the readers through their writingsINR 3.31 to 8.62 LPA
SociologistA sociologist studies social behavior by examining cultures, groups, and social communities. They also study the different levels of humanity and their interaction with society.INR 1 to 1.2 LPA
Content WriterA content writer is a person who presents his/ her content in such a way that it gets the maximum amount of traffic. They make sure that their client’s content is relevant to the demands of the customers.INR 2.43 to 4.82 LPA
Public Relations OfficerPublic Relations Officers are responsible for maintaining a good image of the company they are working for. They do so by carrying out campaigns and various other PR activities.INR 2.38 to 4.79 LPA